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THE FADARA GROUP LLC houses the work of artist, lecturer, and spiritual health counselor Oloye (Chief) Ayanda Ifadara Clarke (also known as Chief Ayanda). The business organization has three branches…


Ayanda Clarke

A second-generation master percussionist, Oloye (Chief) Ayanda Ifadara Clarke creates contemporary music that is steeped in African traditions from throughout the Diaspora. When he is not touring and performing on some of the world’s most distinguished stages, and not in the studio producing new work, Chief Ayanda supports established musicians and mentors the next generation of percussionists. He was also a featured artist and percussionist on the title track, The Offense of the Drum by Arturo O’Farrill and the Afro-Latin Jazz Orchestra, which won the 2014 GRAMMY® for Best Latin Jazz Album.

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THE FADARA GROUP presents and produces academic lectures, cultural arts events, musical performances, and personal development seminars for a wide range of audiences. Through an African lens that has a global and multi-cultural scope, all activities at THE FADARA GROUP reflect two core beliefs: (1) traditional African philosophies have relevancy and value in today’s modern world, and (2) from our ancestors in the Diaspora, we have inherited a propensity for excellence and mastery in every endeavor. A commitment to excellence is as much a part of what we do as the events and performances we produce.

And here’s the latest about IWA…

The Integrated Wealth Alliance (IWA), founded in 2018 by Chief Ayanda Clarke, is a new initiative that presents to the community a variety of practitioners and specialists who have shared values and similar outlooks on how we can heal collectively.

IWA practitioners and specialists are fundamentally linked because we:
— share a deep respect for Africa
— have an unquestionable commitment to providing stellar service, and
— desire to positively impact our community-at-large

We understand that our communities need balance and healing on multiple levels. We also believe that we are strongest when we unite and integrate our solutions for the community-at-large.

Access more information about IWA by clicking the “Culture” page above or clicking HERE.


Chief Ayanda Ifadara Clarke (respectfully known as Chief Ayanda) is a spiritual health counselor who, for nearly 15 years, has helped hundreds of clients who have sought deeper, more meaningful insights into their personal lives. He is trained in helping individuals become more empowered and helps them develop a methodology for maintaining their own spiritual balance. The solutions that he pinpoints are all based in traditional African spiritual practices that have proven effective for hundreds of years. His approach to healing and total wellness is guided by divine wisdom and is focused on helping one develop his or her character to the highest degree. Adults, children, adolescents, siblings, and intimate partners from all walks of life are welcome.

»» Contact Chief Ayanda privately via spiritualhealth@thefadaragroup.com or by calling 833.4FADARA or (833) 432-3272, ext. 1.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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